Large Ensemble Auditions

Fall 2018


Audition Policy

Auditions are required for placement into the Moores School of Music Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Opera Winds, Symphonic Winds, and Symphonic Band.  Music majors and scholarship recipients are required to audition and be available to play in the major ensembles listed above. Consequently, all music majors and scholarship recipients are expected to keep their afternoons conflict-free until after the audition results have been posted.

For jazz ensemble auditions, please visit A signup sheet will be available outside of room 146 at the Moores School of Music starting on August 13.

The wind ensemble, orchestra, and opera meet on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 2:30pm - 5:30pm.  the Symphonic Winds meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 2:00pm - 4:00pm, and the Symphonic Band meets MWF from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

Audition Dates and Registration

Auditions will occur on Saturday August 18 and Sunday August 19, 2018. All instruments should be prepared to play a first and second round, with cuts for the second round being made at the discretion of the committee. Sign up, as well as specific audition rounds, will be posted within the upcoming week.

Audition Excerpts   

The excerpt materials are designed to be challenging, thus reflecting the high level of excellence and preparation expected in the ensembles.  Please prepare the materials in their entirety, ignoring any pre-marked cuts.  Smaller excerpts will be determined on the audition day.

It is strongly recommended that students access recordings and/or scores to assist in preparation.  As always, practice slowly and meticulously with a metronome, maximizing all musical elements before increasing the tempo. 

Click on the instrument name below to view and download the PDF files. These files are for academic purposes only and are not to be sold or reproduced for any other reason.

Flute and Piccolo




Bass Clarinet





Bass Trombone



Audition Results and Ensemble Placement

Audition results and ensemble placements will be posted online at as well as in the Moores School and the Winston Band Complex. Results will be posted as soon as possible during the first of classes.  Ensemble conductors will communicate regarding individual rehearsal schedules, but plan to rehearse during the first week of classes unless informed otherwise by the conductor.