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Step 1: The 2019 SOH Drumline Audition packet is available here!!
Click HERE to download!

Step 2: Click HERE to sign up for your Audition on August 10, 2019.

Step 3: Click HERE and fill out the Prospective Members form.  This will allow us to contact you and incorporate you into our database, so that we can pass along important information to you.


Saturday, April 27, 2019, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (approx.)
Saturday, May 18, 2019, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (approx.)
Saturday, JUNE 1, 2019, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (approx.)

Winston Band Complex (attached to TDECU Stadium), UH Main Campus

These clinics are being offered as a primer for the UH Drumline technique and warmup program, as well as an introduction to some of the cadences and other material found in the audition packet. These are not mandatory, but are highly encouraged for and and all prospective members, new or returning.


Saturday, AUGUST 10, 2019 2:00 PM (APPROX.)
Winston Band Complex (attached to TDECU Stadium)

Once you have filled out all of the necessary forms, pay attention to your email over the spring/summer for important information from the band department regarding Drumline Auditions, Camp, and Spirit Week, as well as Early Move-In information for those who are living on campus.

This year, the audition will consist of:

- Brief discussion of technique and approach, followed by playing through material from the audition packet in a full ensemble setting
- Short sight reading portion, also in full ensemble setting.  We will pass out a short chunk of music and learn it, as we would in a rehearsal.
- Individual audition hearings - all auditioning members (including returning members) will have a short individual audition. A selection of exercises from the warm-up sequence, as well as selection(s) from the cadence packet will be chosen to be heard.


The sight reading portion is included in order to give us a better idea of your ability to learn music in a short amount of time.  One of the biggest differences between high school and college marching band is the amount of time we have to learn and rehearse shows — instead of practicing and preparing one show over the course of the fall, we currently have 6 unique shows planned for 2018.  While these are obviously not as long or complex as a typical high school competition show, the music and drill still must be learned in a much shorter amount of time.

Be advised — due to equipment limitations and the amount of returning members, there are limited spots available on the Spirit of Houston Drumline.  The size of the line is (typically) 8-10 snares, 4-5 tenors, 5-6 bass drums, and 6-9 cymbals (the Spirit of Houston does not have a front ensemble).  This means that positions on the line have the potential to be extremely competitive.  The BEST way to give yourself the greatest chance to make the drumline is to be willing and prepared to audition on more than one instrument.  For example, someone who auditions for snare, bass and cymbals will have a much better chance at making a spot somewhere on the line than someone who auditions solely for snare. 

What to Bring to the Audition Clinics and Audition:

- Audition Packet, with all exercises, cadences/ensembles, and UH Fight Song prepared (doesn’t have to be memorized, but certainly wouldn’t hurt…)
- Sticks and a Practice Pad/stand (if possible) -- we will provide bass drum mallets and cymbals.
- Comfortable clothes and shoes (no jeans/sandals/etc.)

Drumline Camp/Spirit Week 2019

Sunday, August 11 - Saturday, August 17, 2019
Winston Band Complex, TDECU Stadium, Moores School of Music, other locations TBD

REQUIRED ATTENDANCE for all members of the Spirit of Houston Drumline.

This is the "summer band camp" for the Spirit of Houston.  All members of the organization - band, drumline, color guard, cheer, dance, mascots, etc. - will be in attendance for rehearsals and preparations for the upcoming season.  More information will be distributed as the schedule becomes more situated.  However, put these dates in your calendar NOW so as to avoid any conflicts or confusion.

One of the biggest challenges of Spirit Week is that, because of the enormous amount of material that must be covered, the schedule has the tendency to become somewhat erratic and causes the drumline to have to jump back and forth between activities and different rehearsal sites. Because of this, it is IMPERATIVE that all members come with all audition material prepared, so that we do not have to spend any of our rehearsal time during Spirit Week learning the material in this packet. 

For more information, or if you have any questions please contact Jamey Kollar (Assistant Marching Band Director, Percussion Coordinator) at jakollar@uh.edu, or come by the Winston Band Complex.