Cougar Dolls Audition Videos


Audition Information


  • Black hot shorts
  • Solid black sports bra
  • Hair and make-up performance ready
    • hair should be down or half up and half down
  • Jazz shoes
  • Nail polish should be clear, French or American manicured
  • No jewelry allowed, except rhinestone earrings


(cuts will be made throughout the process)

Day 1

Learn the following choreography:    
University of Houston fight song and chant
Jazz combination
Hip hop combination

Day 2

Perform all three routines for the judges

University of Houston Fight Song and Chant
Each candidate will be scored on pom-technique (strong/correct arm motions), performance and projection.

Jazz combination
Each candidate will be scored on technique, execution, performance and memory.

Individual technique (required skills)
Triple pirouette: parallel passé and must be to the right
Center leap: you may prep and end however you would like. This can be on either side.
Calypsos: you will need to prep with at least one chain turn before this leap. This must be done to the right.
Turning disc
Leg Extension: this can be performed on either leg. (ex. tilt extension, side extension, back extension, etc.)

Across the Floor Improvisation
This section will be done with candidates in the room. We will play music and each candidate will need to go across the floor showing any skills that would like the judges to see. We ask that each candidate use a minimum of 2 full eight counts, and no more than 3 full eight counts.  All technical skills should be connected with appropriate dance movement.

Hip hop Combination
Candidates will be scored on performance, style and memory.

Individual Interview
You will be asked 5-8 questions by the panel of judges.  These questions will vary from candidate to candidate.