Cougar Band Camp - Middle School Track Electives


All Students in the Middle School Track will receive daily sectionals, master classes that include chamber music, and full rehearsals. In addition, students may choose two of of the following electives:

Middle School Drumline (percussionists only)

Students enrolled in Drumline will learn proper techniques and fundamentals of being in a marching band drumline from teachers with extensive marching band and/or drum corps experience. The drumline class will perform at the camp recital on Wednesday evening.

Introduction to Classical Music

Students enrolled in Introduction to Classical Music will learn about different periods of music history, including important composers, compositions, and musical genres. Students will also review musical scores, listen to recordings, and view videos of live performances from a variety of musical styles.

Introduction to Jazz Music

Students enrolled in Introduction to Jazz will receive a general survey of jazz history, styles, and performance techniques of jazz music as well as listen to recordings of famous jazz musicians.

Leadership Training

Students enrolled in Leadership Training will be taught basic leadership principles for students who wish to develop leadership skills. This elective is recommended for students interested in student leadership positions at their schools.

Writing Music on the Computer

Students will learn how to use notation software to compose and arrange pieces of music on the computer.